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GunFight Unleashes Chaos With New Single “Revolt”

Dropping yet another tasteful bass gem, GunFight has returned to deliver “Revolt,” following up on his recent singles “Cyber Outlaws” and “Tomorrow’s Endorphins.” The talented, US-based artist has showcased his production talents and artistic vision perfectly over this year, releasing one banger after another while fleshing out a visually-engaging, futuristic world. 

With over 6 minutes of runtime, “Revolt” is a menacing ride through GunFight’s sonic identity, filled with various glitches, cuts and effects that manage to constantly keep listeners on their toes. A heavenly synth progression introduces the tune, creating an atmosphere that could easily be the soundtrack of a sci-fi film. Throughout the lengthy drop, listeners are bombarded with gritty sound design and hard-hitting drums in what is arguably one of GunFight’s best tunes to date. 


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