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HADES create lovely track 'Hold You Down (ft. Louis III) '

A name you've undoubtedly heard of in recent years, and if not, HADES is a staple of the Soave movement. With his diverse mix of all types of house, the Romanian artist leaves no stone unturned. Such is the case with his latest tune "Hold You Down," on which he collaborates with Louis III - a singer-songwriter from South London whose latest song "Samba" climbed to #13 on the German airplay charts - to produce this fine beauty. The song is effortless and rich, a proud addition to both artists' catalogs. And ours, too!

HADES Is a Romanian producer who focuses on different types of house music. Influenced by the house music of the 90s and the modern sound of today, he mixes both types to create something unique.

With over 70 million streams on all platforms, his productions are successful not only on Spotify, but also in other mediums. His releases are played on some of the biggest radio stations around the world including BBC Radio, Kiss FM UK, SiriusXM and many more. His support list continues with some of the biggest artists worldwide including Robin Schulz, Kygo, Sam Feldt, and many more.

HADES is definitely one to keep an eye on, as you'll be hearing a lot from this name in the months and years to come.

Hailing from Croydon in south London, singer-songwriter Louis III has already received support from major stations such as BBC Radio1, 1Xtra, i-D, Wonderland and High Snobiety, and has made a name for himself for his open, beat-driven pop/R&B sound.

Louis has been influenced by the culture clash of sounds he grew up with - think classic songwriters Bob Marley & The Wailers, Leonard Cohen, Tracy Chapman to current artists like Major Lazer, Jai Paul, Kanye West and Usher. Last year, Louis' tracks were featured as 'Best New Pop' on BBC Radio 1 and added to the Spotify playlists of 'Soultronic', 'Chillmatic' and 'R&B UK'. More recently, Louis lent his pen and vocals to UK dance duo Sigma for the hit 'Anywhere', which has racked up over 50 million streams on Spotify to date, while his latest collaboration with Austrian wunderkind producer filous has reached over 3 million streams.

Louis was recently chosen by Virgil Abloh, creative director of Louis Vuitton, and Kanye West's right-hand man.


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