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Hanne Mjøen drops new EP Emotional Fever

Navigating love and life, her upcoming EP Emotional Fever is an emporium of talent. Written between Stockholm and London, the Norwegian pop artist brings together the best of dance-worthy pop melodies.

The leading single 'Hell With You' narrates what it feels like to fall out of love but not wanting to leave for the fear of never falling in love again. She spills, "You want to leave knowing this isn't "it" for you, but you're scared of being alone, and not ready to give it up."

The track entails dreamy, electro-pop, floating synths that circulate your head space, along with icy, silky vocals which elicits itself from an army of pulsing, heavy synths that dance with the beat. The sound truly has a power that contrasts the delicacy in her voice. Check it out here:


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