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Premiere & Interview: Heily Beatz Releases Single & Remix Of '5309' With The Help Of His Friends

After much anticipation, “5309”, the original written by Morgan Gold and Heily Beatz, is set to be released on September 9th. To double-up on the new song’s excitement, Heily Beatz has decided to drop the official “5309” remix on the same day. With the inspiration of the original’s lyrics, the remix embodies an energy-packed progression of drum and bass while somehow managing to contain soothing qualities as well. The warped sample vocals, dense elements of bass, and hypnotic basslines, create a showcase of electronic innovation. Between the remix and original, strong chemistry links the three artists, each with crucial roles in the tracks’ production.

As the collaborator featured on both versions of “5309”, Heily Beatz is a cross-genre DJ superstar. Born in Chicago, the 25-year-old has been a key player on projects with multiple Lyrical Lemonade artists. The Lead Producer & Engineer at 4835 Studios received over 30,000 streams in the opening month of his first label-released single, titled “Big Moves”.

Adding to Heily Beatz production expertise, Morgan Gold is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer with loads of talent. A Chicago native as well, Morgan has put out five EPs and 18 singles just at 23 years old. Her unique falsetto melodies are extremely mesmerizing and often tell an interesting story.

Sharing the other two artists’ Chicago experimental identities, ELEVATD is a top-tier duo made up of Dennis Castelan and Chris Clingingsmith. Their creative blending of dubstep and trap has led to features on outlets like DJ Mag, This Song Slaps, BBC Radio One, and Run The Trap, along with support from renowned artists such as Downlink, 12th Planet, Borgore, and more.

With their imaginative thinking and distinct skills, these three artists continue to take the music industry by storm. “5309” and its remix substantially highlight the amazing qualities that Heily Beatz, Morgan Gold, and ELEVATD have to offer.

We caught up with Heily Beatz to diver more into this song, see the interview below.

Heily Beatz Interview

Do you think the 4 of you would work on a release again in the near future?

Absolutely. Honestly, we already have a delicious and possibly wet one in the works. Stay tuned. This will drop between each artist’s collective singles and Albums dropping in 2023.

What was the most fun moment in the making of 5309 and the remix releasing at the same time?

Live, the crowd goes wild jumping from head space to headspace with the two dreamy and different vibes. The song has been a stellar closing song to both Elevatd’s and Heily Beatz’s DJ sets.In the studio, the most fun moment for Morgan and Heily Beatz creating the original track was the mutual understanding that it is about lesbian car coitus. As for the remix, the best part of it was not only making a debut of the teams collaborating but sampling a chair for the bass drop. Elevated and Heily were playing Chivalry on PC and Chris made a squeak with his chair, and the idea to do it quickly came.

If the 4 of you had $100K and a week together, what would you do? What would happen?

We would rent out a castle or mansion for a little and start up a trail mix company. We would have a fun and delicious time investing in our futures…Oh yeh, we would also shoot a music video in the process.


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