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HerShe Blends Beatboxing And Electronic Music With 'Breath Control'

Breath Control is the latest from the one and only HerShe. You have heard beatboxers, you may have heard plenty of DJ/producers, but you've experienced nothing like what HerShe has to offer. She breeds a style that finds the harmony between both beatboxer and production, making her DJ sets have a live facet that's as personal as it is improvisational.

By all accounts, HerShe has found her voice and Breath Control is an immortalization of what she does best. The energy and feeling that you get from hearing the combination that she showcases is astounding. There's so much that is 'run of the mill' in the world of music today, not HerShe. Over the years, she became interested in 3 key areas of music, beatboxing, DJing, and then producing. Looking back, it's safe to assume that she found passion within these 3 specific areas, as the fusing of them all has changed her life forever and for the better. It's something that is far from simple to replicate.

Dive into what Breath Control has to offer and you will never forget the essence that is HerShe.


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