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Hong Kong Multitalent MJ Kuok Unveils Heavenly Debut Album ‘Atlas’

Following a lengthy rollout of stunning singles, multi-talented artist MJ Kuok has finally unveiled his debut album ‘Atlas’ in full, masterfully showcasing his artistic progression over 11 soothing electronic cuts. MJ Kuok has come a long way since he appeared on Singapore Idol as a finalist back in 2009, with ‘Atlas’ acting as the magnum opus of an acclaimed artist, who has received support from Spotify editorial playlists like Electro Mix, Party Life and Top Hits Singapore, as well as had his music played by Mediacorp on their 2016 Olympic Games broadcast.

“I have dabbled in quite a number of aspects in the music industry from being a singer-songwriter to performing at major electronic festival circuits as a DJ to now, music production and ultimately rediscovering and finding a true sense of comfort in feel-good beats that I work on. Every song in ‘Atlas’ not only sheds light on a personal moment or experience but also captures an all-encompassing positive theme of hope and courage,” reveals MJ Kuok.

Accompanying the release of ‘Atlas,’ MJ Kuok has shared an impressive collection of 1/1 NFTs that feature stylised landscapes, aiming to transport viewers into the project’s universe. The forward-thinking artist also just represented Singapore alongside artists from the APAC and ANZA regions on this month’s TikTok Music Night #HouseParty edition, giving an emotional and uplifting performance.


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