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IGOR360 Explores Humanity in Digital Realms with 'PivoT' EP and 'Merged Subjects' Dance Film

IGOR360's new EP, ‘PivoT’, is a laid-back, yet deeply expressive collection. Each track pulls you into a unique soundscape, blending diverse musical genres and cultural influences. The songs offer a chill vibe while delivering an emotional punch, making you feel every note. The immersive dance film, "Merged Subjects," adds another layer, with Emma Gordon and Madison Lynch's intuitive movements exploring moral intuition and the connection with a digital audience.

Igor Elie-Pierre, based in Paris, New York, and Toronto, is on a mission to humanize the digital world. His work fuses art and technology, driven by a desire to create meaningful and emotional impacts.

Known for his striking visual identities in fashion, Igor is now expanding beyond the pale. With "PivoT" and "Merged Subjects," he aims to inspire empathy and connection, pushing the boundaries of art and technology. This project marks a new chapter and a great one at that.


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