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Interview: Ilyana Talks About Collaborations, Future Plans, Upbringing & More

Born in Florianopolis, Brazil, now living in NYC, Ilyana is a singer who blends influences of R&B vocals, pop and house - commonly with a splash of Brazilian influence. She has a songwriter's voice that can reach Adele's powerhouse sound mixed with the sensuality of Sabrina Claudio or the sweet harmonies of Raveena.

In her latest single, “Love My Right” [Ilyana] talks about the joy that surrounds love and falling for another person. The verse, “I believe you’re for me, but you still have no clue,” illustrates the mixed emotions one feels when they are in between falling in love and realizing the responsibilities that are upon them

One of humanity's greatest questions is whether it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. It's a question that billions of people have asked themselves, fraught with complications from life's most tricky thing: relationships. This parable is intertwined with this single.

We became infatuated with the direction and mission of Ilyana. She took the time out to chat with us about her future plans, the influence of her upbringing, collaboration memories, and more. Check out the interview below.


In 'Love Me Right' what type of DAW did you use to complete the track?


How would you describe your own sound and style?

Deep house, Electronic Pop, with lots of warmth in my vocals that recall R&B vibes.

How do you think your upbringing in Brazil influenced your music business ventures today?

It influenced me directly because I used to perform a lot in Florianopolis-Brasil, and grew up around people that were deeply passionate about music.

Do you prefer to make music on your own or collaborate with others?

I love creating on my own and with other producers. Currently have a couple incredible producers I work with on a weekly basis in NYC. However, I definitely enjoy collaborating with other singers/writes and look forward to doing more!

What was it like working with Tyler Bennet?

It was so much fun! The room was filled with lots of energy and talented artists. We were all freestyling to different beats, and Tyler would pick a couple tracks and leave it on until a great idea would come.

Are you planning on playing more events and releasing music as we begin to head toward the end of 2022?

Oh yes! I have a show coming up at Pianos NYC on August 23rd, a couple private events and another special show at Berlin Under NYC on September 21st.

I’ll be releasing 2 more singles after Love Me Right and feel really excited about all the songs I’ve been creating this year.


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