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Interview: Todd Helder

Hey Todd, thank you for joining us today for this interview. Can you start off by introducing yourself to our readers.

Hey, Thanks for having me! My real name is Frank van den Eijkel but I go by the name: Todd Helder. I am a Dutch DJ/Producer who mainly loves to mix 8-bit chiptune with heavy instrumental hip hop. Some readers might know me from my releases ‘Closer’ or ‘Ride It’ if not those 2 tracks are a good start to peek into my weird brain haha.

Has covid affected your career in any way ?

Unfortunately I had to cancel a few big shows which I was looking for a lot but from the other side, I am good at being isolated. Because even in high school I’d always be in my room working on new music. I love it. (I am the type of guy that would download FL studio on a school’s computer just to be incontact with music haha…)

How did your new release with Disto come about ?

The track came about when he sent me over a folder with some rough demo’s and 1 of them was this crazy rough trap drop idea which I couldn't get out of my head. After receiving the stems I immediately went to work and did my magic to the project. I am extremely proud of this track (and he too I think) and I can’t wait to test ‘DISTODD’ out live once the festivals are back open!

We have seen you are quite frequent on STMPD and NCS, is there anything in the pipeline that we can look forward to ?

Releasing my music on both these labels is such an honour. My favorite release on STMPD is ‘Worlds’ and from NCS is ‘Closer’ so far, but I’ve got a lot of new and diverse and crazy music coming out this year.

Do you have any hobbies outside of music ?

My favorite hobby is playing video games with friends, we mainly play Warzone & Minecraft. I also own a Switch which I play AC Black Flag on and I highly recommend to the switch users to buy this one if you haven’t already. Besides gaming I also love to study French because I love that language, I also have a peak interest in stocks & forex :)

Who inspires you the most to make the music you are known for today?

I got 2 big inspirations which are Porter Robinson and AREA21, their music is so beautifully created and their thought processes behind every detail on their tracks are super interesting and inspiring. I hope to have a collaboration with one of them in the future :)

Once shows open again, are you looking forward to performing all the music you have been working on?

OH YES, been cooking up some crazy tracks and I can’t wait to test them out!

How has the On The Hunt Campaign gone for you so far?

I bet it's great seeing your music headline a major campaign in FIFA I’m super blessed to be a part of this amazing campaign and all the other amazing people who were involved! The amount of people that tagged me was overwhelming and so cool to see people using our song in their video.. so crazy and blessed <3

Lastly, if you have anything you would like to announce or any words of wisdom this your chance to share:

Keep an eye on my socials, got crazy major stuff coming which I am super excited for but I can’t talk about it yet


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