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Introducing the incredibly talented Tom Tripp, making waves across the UK.

The Jack of all trades producer, writer and vocalist...

At only 22 years old, Tom Tripp has been storming the underground Electronic / RnB scene in the UK. With bitter sweet hits such as ‘Pamela’ and his debut ‘Aurelia’, this one man army has created a trip hop turned pop inspired movement, capturing the attention from the likes of NAO, who immediately had to sign him to her record label ‘Little Tokyo’.

The boy wonder, who sprung out of Caledonian Road, a residence in north London with a bad rep for stabbings and gangs, looks to bring a positive outlook onto the area.

He has gone on to release a 6 track EP titled ‘Red’, showcasing both his immensely creative production skills, and talented writing. Combine that with his soothing vocals and you’ve got an incredibly strong package.

As of June 2019, he has recently been awarded recognition from the Recording Academy for his work on Mura Masa's self titled album, which was nominated for a Grammy. At only 21, this was his first and only feature as of yet.

Jetting off to LA, Tripp has made a name for himself not only in the UK, but now overseas, as he continues to work on his new EP which he claims will be a lot more uptempo from the sensitive ‘Red’. We can’t wait to hear what he’s got in store next!


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