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Ironheart Drops Epic Medieval Multi-Genre EP On Label New Dawn Collection

Dropping on label New Dawn Collective, Terra Mariana EP represents a moment that perhaps will go down in dance music history. So rarely has a force come to fruition where a cross-genre experience has expertly been constructed without leaning too far one way or another. Paired with this, a theme that's instantly understood and has unbelievable longevity. Singles "Besieged," "Armies," and titled track "Terra Mariana," interlink together to become apart of a greater whole - an expedition that takes you back to a more heartfelt time of intricate depth and meaning. If the album art and the sounds themselves aren't a dead giveaway, Ironheart aims to express a polygonal renaissance setting triggered by medieval musical instruments, cinematic soundscapes inspired by modern scores backdropping films depicting these times, all while blending chugging hard-rock and heavy-ended electronic in a way that fluidly fits.

Ironheart has a diverse and extensive music history, all of which that has lead to a moment in time and this project that was simply meant to be. He shares more about the making of the music here:

“The most challenging thing has without a doubt been figuring out how exactly to structure and arrange songs. I strive to include lots of melodic, instrumental sections that play upon many of the aspects I love in both classical and metal while still making sure the tracks work well in the context of festival and club sets. As a result, I often find myself cutting away large swaths of songs that I really enjoy, but that might also prove to be superfluous or long-winded.”


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