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Isaiah Brown Fuses Electronic, Pop, And Hip-Hop In Hypnotic Single, 'Me & U'

It's rare that an artist comes around who delivers a completely new style to the world of music. Breaking the mold with his signature blend of genres, singer-songwriter Isaiah Brown fits into this category. Throughout his musical journey, Isaiah has been on a mission to enable listeners to discover their true identities.

Now, Isaiah is taking his project to the next level with the music video release for his hit single, "Me & U". Speaking on the message behind the song, Isaiah says, “despite all of the hardships and obstacles life can bring, the best thing we can do is continue to push for our dreams. This song has been in the works and on the back burner for so long, it reminds me how strong our determination can be, and no matter what we will always find a way to rise above.”

Throughout "Me & U", you can hear the passion oozing out of Isaiah's voice, bringing listeners on an emotional voyage. His lyrics are complemented by flawless guitar melodies, a penetrating beat, and celestial production effects. On top of the track, Isaiah has just put out a music video for it that is equally entrancing on the visual spectrum.

Currently dedicating day and night to the studio, Isaiah has a big project coming together. He is also preparing for a tour surrounding his debut album, DREAMERBOY, which foreshadows a bright future for the rising artist.


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