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Isaiah Brown Drops Mesmerizing Music Video For Recent Single ‘Please Be The One’

Still blazing hot after the unveiling of his inaugural LP, DREAMERBOY, artist Isaiah Brown has shown no signs of slowing down. Having released the groundbreaking album in Novemeber of last year, he has now revisited on its hit singles, "Please Be The One", for a breathtaking music video. This seems to be an exciting trend, considering the project follows up his recent video for "Me & U", one of the compilation's other standout tracks.

Breaking down the message behind "Please Be The One", Isaiah says, “when we open our hearts up to the fullest capacity of the world and people around us, we discover the depths of our own existence and the power of positivity. Let us embrace one another as one collective consciousness, all striving towards a better tomorrow, for our children and our children’s children. One Earth and One Love under the power of God, The Universe, and Our Creator/Mother Nature.” The message is conveyed through vibrant melodies, progressions of guitar, a percussive-heavy trap beat, and Isaiah's empowering vocals.

Complementing the sonic half of "Please Be The One", its video features Isaiah performing the song on a deserted beach during sunset. He strums his guitar, sings passionately, and dances with his counterpart as the waves wash up calmly onto the shore. Between the auditory and visual magnetism of "Please Be The One", the anthem highlights Isaiah's versatility as an artist. He has a promising future ahead, ready to take off on his GENESIS tour and drop more entrancing tunes this year.

Isaiah Brown took the time out to do a quick interview with us - check it out!


What is some advice you would give to upcoming artists who are struggling to find their unique style?

Go with your gut!!! What drives you? What gives you passion? What life experiences have you encountered that force you to express yourself? Take those questions and a pen & paper and start writing down ideas. What instruments do you love most? Which songs make you feel the best? What do you most resonate with? Ask yourself all of these questions all of the time and you’ll get closer and closer to your true authentic/artistic self.

What sparked the idea for your single “Please Be The One”?

Living in LA with all of the beautiful people around made me see the world in a different light. I confused authentic love with lust at my early age and it ultimately drew me to the question if the person I was seeing truly loved me or was in love with the idea of me / vice versa. Please Be The One became the song about just that - is this person “the one” or am I just going down another path that leads to heartbreak? The title of the song itself acts as a plea to that person, begging “Baby Please Be The One.”

How does “Please Be The One” fit into the overall vibe/theme of DREAMERBOY?

It acts almost like the fan can look behind the curtain of my life and see the emotion of when I was in a time of desperate need to feel real love. DREAMERBOY is somewhat of an auditory autobiography of my life and the emotions/experiences I’ve encountered.

What production component in “Please Be The One” are you most drawn to, and why?

I love the reversed snare sound that pops up throughout the record. It gives that push and pull feel that almost throws listeners on a wave. There’s also a hidden sample in the record that you can catch if you listen carefully towards the final chorus.

What are some of your top interests or hobbies outside of music?

I’m also in the entrepreneurial field, as a solar energy consultant and gamer. My goal is to have an entire gaming platform setup on Twitch or something, but that’s a ways down the road. I also love to be in nature and photography/videography is a big passion of mine, as well as acting in film or theatre.

What are your biggest goals for 2023 as an artist? Are there any upcoming projects you can hint at for fans to get excited about?

Just know that GENESIS is coming with another album. It started as an EP, but now we’ve got almost 15 records already. I can’t share too much, but just know it’s coming! Also….keep an eye out for the work we’re about to do Internationally (especially India.)


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