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Jaël Pours Her Heart Out In Moving Album, 'Midlife'

For the last 25 years, Jaël has been an icon in the realms of trance and indie music. Now, she is bringing her solo project full circle with her third independent album, Midlife. Teaming up with the prominent Cyril Camenzind, who takes care of the production, this compilation dives into the hardships and emotional moments across Jaël's personal life.

Actually a double album, Midlife includes two discs, one with originals and remixes, and one with live trio versions of Jaël's captivating songs. The first disc kicks off with "Anyone But Us", embodying a beautiful piano melody and Jaël's sentimental lyrics. Other standouts are "To Miss You" and "Paralized". In "To Miss You", a chilling sequence of acoustic guitar burns bright while Jaël delivers ethereal vocals. Meanwhile, "Paralized" is a slower-paced, psychedelic anthem that hypnotizes its audience.

While these previously mentioned tracks are riveting, the rest of Midlife is just as impressive. Altogether, the 25-song compilation melts 25 years of experience and creativity from Jaël into a single auditory journey.


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