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Jack J. Alexander returns with emotional Single Mistfit

"Mistfit is about feeling like you're an odd ball all the time, like everyone's out to get you. My lack of confidence in social settings can make me hold back from joining in conversation, especially if it's a group of strangers, but when I'm writing, singing or rapping, it all comes much easier." - Jack J. Alexander.

The Galway-based hip-hop artist returns with his latest offering 'Mistfit', which highlights the emotions of feeling like we are constantly living under the microscope of society's expectations. Most of the time, our choices are made in the context of social connections, personal relationships and physical environments - all of which will have been influenced by the 'Society'. Yet, 'Mistfit' perfectly explains everyone's situation. Check it out:

This single is super energetic when it comes to the chorus drop @ 1:28, yet touches on real-life problems such as toxicity in relationships, friendships and everyday life. The atmosphere of the song and lyrics also express the feeling of being awkward or criticised for the way we are... identifying one of the present societies problem - our behaviours are influenced by the society and things around us.


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