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Jaxxtone brings a fresh new twist to his brand new EP AD ASTRA

Tribal Trap is proud to present their latest upcoming EP coming out with the multifaceted and easily one of the most listened to Venezuelan artists known as ‘Jaxxtone’. Showcasing a 4 track, EP titled “AD ASTRA” consisting of the leading track being, “Feel's so Right” accompanied by “Kūsō 空想“What's Da Drill” and “Inicio”.The EP proves to push the boundaries of what is known in his love for UK garage and reinventing it to what he calls “Future Garage”. His truly unique sound blended with his Venezuelan upbringing and favourite electronic influences has reflected a proven track record of over 10 million streams across all platforms. The “AD ASTRA” EP certainly lives up to this notion, bringing something completely new to the realms of UK garage. With “New Way” being the claimed title in the production process for “AD ASTRA”.


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