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juuku Drops Yet Another Gem Off Forthcoming EP With "Leaving"

Not even two months into 2021 and juuku is already keeping us on our toes, sharing one exciting single after the other. The faceless producer, vocalist and visual artist, who always accompanies his releases with stunning Cinema 4D visuals, has seen immense growth over the past years, sharing consistent quality with his audience, while serving as a distinct voice within the electronic music world with his unique sound design and creative arrangements.

His fresh new single “Leaving” follows his previous release “Warmth,” and acts as the second song off his forthcoming EP that is set to release on Moving Castle in the coming months. In contrast to the soothing and almost lo-fi atmospheres of “Warmth,” “Leaving” offers a much more explosive and dynamic arrangement. juuku kicks off the sonic journey with bright chords and playful vocal chops, before unleashing a drop that transcends the energy to another level, driven by impressive sound design and massive drum hits.


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