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Kantor Returns With Genre-Bending Track “Blasted”

Marking his third original release just in 2021, following “Power On” and “Beside Me,” Kantor has dropped yet another genre-bending gem in the form of “Blaster.” The solo DJ and producer started releasing music back in 2020 and has already amassed a considerable audience, as well as received support from A-list names such as Alison Wonderland. On top of boasting an ever-growing discography, Kantor is the creator of a revolutionary live show, having made the human launchpad, where he can play and create music through dancing.

“Blaster” is definite proof of why Kantor is one of the most exciting names currently rising within dance music, seeing him combine bass music, techno, and house in a masterful way. Building up with the help of sinister vocals and groovy percussion, “Blasted” gets darker and darker as it moves towards the drop, before exploding in a series of exciting effects, heavy synths and weird noises.

“’Blasted’ is a record I believe fully encapsulates my style: the true combination between bass music, techno, and house,” says Kantor. “I have always wanted to combine those 3 genres and this truly reveals to the listener what type of journey they are going to be taken on in the coming months and years. This is just the beginning of that journey, so expect to hear insane basslines, thick kick drums, subtle melodic elements, and tons of crazy percussion!”


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