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Kelland drops Slow It Down with Miranda Joan

"The feeling of sudden and complete loss of control over one's life was devastating. We all felt the hit, and certainly in my own career in live performance, my life was upended." - Miranda Joan

The Vancouver based Singer-songwriter has blended perfectly along with Canadian Electronic Dance Artist - Kelland. The track was written by Miranda Joan and Kelland who met during a SOCAN songwriting session, who instantly gelled up and created a cohesive sound which was a unique blend of both R&B and electronic pop elements, delivering a catchy while futuristic sounding track. Check it out:

Kelland's versatility in production and his ability to adapt beats along with other artists' vocals is where he continues to create his own style and unique sound. Amassing over 4 million streams on prior projects, the Canadian artist's production contributed to Boslen's debut EP 'Black Lotus' peaked at No.11 on the Apple Music Hip-Hop charts. 'Slow it Down' anticipated to be his most impactful release to date adding to an increasingly impressive catalogue as his continues to merge genres and craft his unique sound.

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