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Kice Teams Up With Violin Girl For Groovy Single “Bailar”

A massively talented and dedicated musician and performer, Kice undoubtedly is one of the hottest exports out of Chicago. Starting to earn a reputation for his beatboxing skills as a teenager in the city, Kice quickly transitioned to performing behind the decks, becoming known for his hybrid sets featuring electrifying house beats and live instrumentation.

Inspired by a month-long stint in Mexico’s Isla Mujeres, Kice is now back with his second official single to date, teaming up with Violin Girl for “Bailar.” Out via Kice’s own agency Treblemonsters, “Bailar” is an impeccable dance gem, filled with various flavors and aesthetics. As Kice explained in a press statement:

"With ping-ponging restrictions in Chicago affecting my career, I decided to take matters into my own hands and explore other countries, like Mexico, to live a healthier life in the short term. In this release, I wanted to appreciate the Mexican culture that has welcomed me with open arms by incorporating Spanish vocals, varied Latin and world instruments, and lyrics that encourage dancing and enjoying life even during these tough times. Also, my brand as an artist typically utilizes many of the live artists that I perform and produce with, so one of them, Violin Girl, is featured on the track to showcase that.”


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