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Koala Karlous Creates Chill, Introspective Experience In 'Patience'

Emanating from the serene landscapes of Cornwall, Koala Karlous, the artistic personification of Brandon Hargrave, offers listeners an evocative journey into the soul of ambient electronic music. This year, that journey takes the form of the track, "Patience."

The project's brilliance lies not just in its sweeping sonic vistas but in its chameleon-like resonance. It is as much a respectable ambient electronic piece as it is a pop-inflected journey. Fans of Bonobo, Yoste, and Zero 7 will find themselves on familiar, yet freshly trodden ground, as Koala Karlous threads together diverse musical landscapes with a deft touch.

Central to "Patience" is the theme of reconnection with nature. The song is an homage to finding solace in the world around us, a reset button in musical form. With Brandon's soothing vocals and Emma McGrath's ethereal harmonies, the track becomes an invitation to a dance - a dance with nature and self. And while Hargrave's revered production style lends the track its dreamlike ambience, the live band, featuring Holly Madge - Hans Zimmer's drummer no less - amplifies its heartbeat.

Emerging during lockdown, the Koala Karlous project was birthed from Hargrave's introspective musings. Formerly a pivotal figure in the band Franklin and an accomplished BMG-signed songwriter and producer, Brandon embarked on this musical voyage not for acclaim but as a personal ode. And yet, acclaim found him. With more than 16 million streams across Spotify and Apple Music, his work resonates with many, proving his spirit and talent were the perfect combination for him to flourish.

With "Patience," Koala Karlous beckons us to pause and immerse. The track is not just an offering but a sanctuary, reminding us of the potent power of stillness, of nature, and of the undying art of patience itself.

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