• Tim

Laurentius Releases Bright Remix For Mr. Brackets’ Summer Hit “Moments”

Ever since he started producing music in 2014, Laurentius’ mission has remained the same: “providing the world with unique and uplifting music that will brighten your day.” The young Dutch artist (real name Lars Beerda) has stayed true to his vision over the past years, having already built a large catalog of bright and emotional releases under established labels such as Strange Fruits (owned by Steve Void) and Eonity. 

Now he is back with yet another uplifting remix, flipping Mr. Brackets and Corinna Jane’s mid-tempo, summer hit “Moments” into a tropical house gem. Catchy marimba and piano chords kick off the instrumental under Corinna Jane’s emotional vocal lines, while the drop approaches swiftly. Filled with well-arranged vocal chops and groovy house rhythms, it’s a testament to Laurentius’ ability to create seamless tropical house vibes.