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LAVIN And FWA Spark Romantic Energy In "Deep End"

It's hard to separate yourself from the sweet and subtle elements that LAVIN and FWA have constructed in the form of "Deep End." The story has meaning, the overall sound fits what the verses are articulating, and the impact it leaves on the listener will have them looking back on their own love story.

LAVIN is on their second track, released on Sony Music's Artista Records. The debut single "Too Close," nearly hit the 100K mark and "Deep End," trailing not too far behind.

LAVIN is made up of two mates aka Anders Grindheim Bratterud from Oslo and Oskar Karlström from Stockholm. They both gained their music education in LIMPI, which is known for turning out some sure-fire talents out of the school.

FWA's vocal work captures one of many highlights in "Deep End," the single simply wouldn't be the same without her. The youthful femininity playing right it to what the track is all about.

If you enjoy "Deep End," check out "Too Close," or other music from the label Arista Records - you won't regret it.


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