Leo Tebele - 'Feeling Close'

"Feeling Close," is the follow up to 2020's "Summer Boy," a tracking that went on to garner over 100,000 streams just on the streaming platform Spotify on it's own. "Summer Boy," and "Feeling Close," certainly have commonalities that draw them together, yet importantly have their own individual components that make them unique stand outs. Both with written, produced, and released by NYC-based artist Leo Tebele.

The solo DJ/producer got his start more on the performance side within the music industry. Proving himself as a talented DJ performer in NYC venues. He still continues to make the rounds today, the other difference is the production side of his career now heating up in all the right ways.

"Feeling Close," comes equipped with squeaky clean production, an enlightening energy, and a certain smoothness that's intrinsically embedded within the nature of this track.

Clearly having a passion for electronic music and his eye on the long game, Leo Tebele is getting his foot in the door even more so with production as he strengthens his brand going into the future.

The world is a brighter place thanks to the sonic energy of Leo Tebele.