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Level 8 & SARY release cool track 'Shooting Star'

Watch out - it's a shooting star in the form of Level 8 and SARY's new masterpiece! Frankfurt-based producer Level 8 is here to catapult his name into the million listener mark. Fresh off his hit "Just A Lil Bit" (which has already been streamed over 1.5 million times), he invites Swiss electronic singer SARY to deliver us a banger that falls somewhere between uplifting bounce and hard-hitting slap house. If this plucks a chord in you, you'll find a reason to get up from your chair, jump in the air and reach for the stars. Metaphorically speaking (or not), we'll go with you!

Timon Dudaczy, better known as Level 8, is a 24-year-old music producer from near Frankfurt, Germany. The golden era of electronic dance music and his idol Avicii inspired him to get involved with music production, an influence that eventually gave him his pseudonym. His main principle is to always keep musical freedom and create all styles of music.

Sary is an electronic singer from Switzerland. With elements of electronic pop, slap house and bass house, she creates a unique, danceable blend of pop anthems and dancefloor fillers. Her previous releases have secured her airplay on leading Swiss radio stations, as well as placement in various Spotify editorial through her collaboration with German star DJ Klaas. With over 23 million streams and a steady stream of nearly 600,000 monthly listeners, her music is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. Keep at it!


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