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LIGHTYEAR Follows Up Tribal Trap Release With 'BUSY' Single

LIGHTYEAR is laying it on thick when it comes to his banger of single called "Busy." The release combines several attractive elements all in one go, including melodic moments just as much as the heavy ones. Real name Vincent Holm-Drumgole, LIGHTYEAR goes beyond the expectations that one could have set for this single, surprising in terms of both quality of sound and intensity of the experience. 2023 is shaping up to be a great year for the artist, Cab, Noobody, and Tearsofmine are all names set to be collaborating with. Given his past tracks, his current release, and what he's working on, this man is all around one to watch, especially for bass music fans.

Based out of Chicago, and influenced by the festival experiences he's had in his life. He got his feet wet in the music industry starting out learning how to DJ. Knowing this is the route that he should be taking in his life - he began to expand into the music production side of things. Now skilled in both areas, the man shows unstoppable promise and there's high-hopes where this man will go in the near future.


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