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Luca Draccar Showcases His Diverse Skillset On 3-Track EP ‘419’

Hailing from Italy and based in Berlin, Luca Draccar is a multi-talented artist who is consistently growing his worldwide audience with his impressive releases that blend the barrier between techno, psychedelic, downtempo and ambient. With an official discography spanning over 2 albums, two EPs and two singles, Luca Draccar is without a doubt only getting started, and is bound to take over the world of underground electronic music sooner or later.

Luca Draccar’s brand new release comes in the form of a 3-track EP, titled ‘419,’ which makes up for the perfect showcase of his impressive sound, that is characterized as “a psychedelic cocktail of deep flavours…[with] rubbery futuristic/sticky tendencies.” In the title ‘419,’ which is an anagram for the phrase “for one night,” Luca Draggar wants to urge his listeners to enjoy the present and live in the moment, without worries about the future or the past.

“The past is the present that no longer exists,” he says. “The future is the present that does not yet exist. So, only the present counts. Do not waste it, because there is no return and no ‘satisfied or refunded’. Follow the 419 rules.”


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