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Lux Mundi Drops Epic Drum And Bass Single 'Holding On'

Duo Lux Mundi have released their single "Holding On," which has been signed to Brazilian label DNBB Records. "Holding On," follows up "Ignition," and "Pyramid Songs," both of which were revealed in 2021 and act as the debut singles signifying the launch of Lux Mundi.

"Holding On," offers much to love. The vocal work is easily one of the most appealing aspects of the sound, but all parts work together in smooth harmony to render a therputic flow surrounding the drops, then a hard-hitting shift within the drops themselves. There's so much that feels right as the track progresses onward, one verses seamlessly glides into the next with the listener is brought along for a ride across their imaginative realm.

If the sound alone doesn't give this away, the two that make up Lux Mundi have built up their skillset through their participation in other music projects over the years. Members Derek de Lang and Keith Larsen make up Lux Mundi. They met through the local band mutual friend network in Los Angeles. Doug Grean - famous for his co-songwriting ventures with Scott Weiland of Velvet Revolver and Stone Temple Pilots - was the common connection that brought Lang and Larsen together. An attendance at a KJ Sawka masterclass at Musicians’ Institute in Hollywood, CA was the turning point in which Lang and Larsen more seriously considered the idea of tackling a music project together.

Choosing to combine their love of the rock/punk world with that of electronic music, Lux Mundi was born and currently focuses on a drum and bass sound (although not limited to just this genre).

Apart of the goal of this project is to do both live performance and DJ sets as expression avenue for their sound, Derek de Lang and Keith Larsen outwardly appearing to have the connections, vision, and talent to make their dream become a reality.


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