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Maciel Makes 'Stay Up' Shine ALongside Kenn Colt & Matthew Grant

Maciel and Kenn Colt, with the help of Matthew Grant on the vocals, nail an epic vibe in the single, “Stay Up.”

Built around a house music structure, the track brings together many different genres to eclectically show the original nature that is embedded. Pop, soul, dance, light instrumentals, and a fluid arrangement helps the single gain it's edgy power. The impactful single is vivid and colorful. No particular part is too much or underwhelming, each piece plays it's needed role, without overriding the significance of another part in place. Check out the song here:

Whether you've known him previous or are just now getting to, Maciel has always had a way of conveying an intriguing draw to his jams. Singles like "Stay Together," and "Don't Let Go, are representative of this, both tracks having over 1,000,000 streams each. The DJ/producer strives for quality in what he does and major platforms like Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music have noticed his contribution. Significant playlisting has come his way on each of these platforms, a hard feat to accomplish no matter what your status is in the music industry.

Starting electronic music as a teenager and now growing things bigger as a man in his 20's, Maciel shows no signs of slowing the movement. "Stay Up," is one of the latest examples of the gravitational force he is able to channel through the sound.

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