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Maddix Reveals The Reality Of Touring & The Source Of His Creative Inspiration

"I'm not scared of trying something completely new."

Pablo Rindt, better known as Maddix, has been involved in music since the early days of his life. With over 30 million streams and official remixes for industry legends, his name has become one of the most prominent in the European music scene.

Now releasing a new song titled "The Omen", we sat down with him to discuss future collaborations, artistic inspiration, and much more.

Read the full interview below.

How does it feel to have 'The Omen' available to the public?

Every release always gives a good feeling. It's good to be finally able to show the people what you've created in the studio, and then if you see good reactions, of course, you can imagine it feels great!

Did you get the reaction you wanted from the fans?

Yeah! I always play The Omen in my sets now, and it goes OFF! It's a little different track than what I usually do and my first solo 150BPM track. Reactions were excellent on this one!

After your massive hit 'Bella Ciao' with Hardwell, are you planning any collaborations in the near-future?

There is a big collaboration coming in a few months. Can't say too much about it but I know people have been waiting for this one for a long, long time. In the meantime, I'm working on another collab as we speak, but honestly, don't know when that one would release. Because of the busy schedules of most people, it can be difficult to finish it fast.

WEDM sees that you are touring around the world which is amazing. How does it feel like to be able to travel globally and seeing the people on the dancefloor enjoying your music?

One word: AMAZING! Every single show I enjoy a lot. I play a lot of my tracks in my sets, and you can imagine that it's great seeing people rave to it. Even better is if they know a lot of the songs, which happens quite often. Touring can be exhausting sometimes, especially the travelling and lack of sleep, but the shows make up for that!

Do you ever draw inspiration from artists outside of the electronic dance music world, if so, who would it be?

I can't name someone specifically, but I can get inspiration from anything. Even when I'm in the supermarket hearing a song, I can get inspired. For example, my track 'Lose Control' was inspired by a techno track. It's completely changed, but the original idea came from hearing that song.

Do you think your style as a producer/DJ will continue to change under trends within EDM?

I would say yes and no. Sometimes for sure, you get inspired by the latest trends, but at the same time, I always make something that I enjoy. I think that's the most important thing to do as well. But I'm not scared of trying something completely new.

A lot of WEDM's fans are currently in South America and Asia. Is there anything you would like to add for music listeners in these regions?

Well, I hope to see you soon on one of my shows and rave together with me! I love the Asian crowds, the vibe there often is perfect, and they know how to party! Also, stay tuned for a lot of new releases starting in August.


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