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Mako Shares Highly Anticipated Sophomore Album Fable

Following a stunning debut with 2016's Hourglass, Mako is now back to share his highly anticipated sophomore album Fable. Throughout his year-long career, Mako has earned himself tens of millions of streams on digital platforms, as well as prestigious collaborations with video game titan Riot Games (League of Legends), most notably working with them on the Worlds 2018 Championship theme song "RISE" alongside The Glitch Mob and The Word Alive.

After Hourglass, Alex Seaver took the reins of the Mako project as a solo endeavor. Honing in on his rich background as music producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, it's clear that Fable is his most ambitious project to date. Including previously-released lead singles such as "Ocelot," "Again" and "Parable," the 11-track project is bound to launch a new era for the multi-talented artist.

"Each of the songs on the album represents a specific moment from my life, while I was working on the record. I re-wrote these memories into stories, represented by individual animals, as well as a few significant objects," explains Mako.


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