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Max M Teams Up With Chris Willis For Uplifting Gem “I’ll Be Up”

A multitalented producer and artist, Max M is back once again with the goal of taking over the world of dance music. The French mastermind has definitely had an unusual career path, finding his love for electronic music throughout his teenage years when he started composing and DJing, yet deciding to pursue his other passion, going on to study computer science at university. After he reached 40, Max M decided to rekindle his love for music, taking piano and production lessons in order to refine his craft and return to dance music stronger than ever.

Now, Max M has teamed up with Chris Willis to release “I’ll Be Up,” an uplifting dance gem taken off his forthcoming debut EP titled Renaissance. Chris Willis is no stranger to massive collaborations, as he became widely known for his massive hits with dance legend David Guetta, “Would I Lie To You,” “Gettin’ Over You” and “Love Is Gone.” His work on “I’ll Be Up” is truly stellar, as he perfectly performs on top of Max M’s bright instrumental, which is filled with existing melodies and smooth percussion.


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