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Max Vangeli Drops New Track with Z A K "Phat Blunts"

Max and Z A K are teaming up on NoFace Records with their new single "Phat Blunts", blending their style to bring an absolute dancefloor banger to us.

The track starts with this doomy atmosphere, layering a frightening creepy high string with some of those classic G-House filtered brass stabs. You can quickly tell that the title of the track came from when the "rolling up phat blunts" vocal starts kicking in. You're then hit with that DEEP bassline, thats where you are not able to hold yourself any longer.

Before you start dancing with this banger all night, Max is offering to teach three 1-on-1 Electronic Music Production Sessions per week. Don't know about you guys, but I am going to sign up now.

Keep an eye out on these two, we hear they may have more going on behind the scenes then meets the eye!

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Follow Z A K: - Instagram - Spotify - Facebook

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