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Medii's 'Binary Blue' EP An Exciting Launch To A Extensive Project

Unless you've been living under a rock, a taste of the Medii movement has touched you at one time or another. Tracks like "Fall," and "Be Somebody," being some of their most popular tunes and provide a defining impression of the angle these guys approach music with. Now, they're firing off 2022 with an over-arching project that will unroll over the course of a few months.

Binary Blue EP is the launch of this new saga. If features a total of 4 songs that all have connectivity to them through common production elements placed across the tracks. This aspect is one of several special elements within that makes the experience as memorable as it is easy to return to.

"Digital Love," is an excellent launch which introduces the vibe that you feel throughout Binary Blue. It's platformed on synthpop but is easily categorized as something that fits into electronic music. The game is now officially on. "Walls," segues nicely considering where "Digital Love," took us, the same broad vibe, but spun to have a whole new feel, now you are in the weeds of the EP and pleased. "Razors Edge," throws in a different character angle into the music. It adds fresh accompyment like guitar work and infectious basslines. It's this part where the moment is taken to a different direction. "Tell Me Why," epitomizes what a closer should feel like. Vulnerable and anthemic, there's something about it that makes you weirdly nostalgic about what you just heard.

Medii plans to release another EP April first along with a full album on May 6th. The complete album will bring together all the songs from the 2 EP's while sharing some new ones on that final release day.


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