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Mel Ody And Dominic Donner Connect For CloudKid Gem “One To Blame”

Releasing some of his best music this year, Mel Ody just released yet another engaging tune, teaming up with charismatic vocalist Dominic Donner to share indie-flavored gem “One To Blame.” The Greek producer is slowly but surely establishing himself in the scene off the back of his emotional and heavy-hitting combinations of orchestral and electronic music. This new collaboration sees him challenge himself and, with the help of Dominic Donner, deliver an unforgettable vibe. 

“One To Blame,” released via tastemaker label CloudKid, is driven by a catchy guitar riff, organic percussion, and subtle snippets of Mel Ody’s orchestral influencesDominic Donner’s captivating vocal lines ride the instrumental perfectly, seeing him reflect on his past experiences with toxic people within the music industry. 

“When I heard the instrumental for the first time I already had the vocals playing in my head, so I met up with my co-writer and friend Adam Wendler as soon as possible to find the right words,” said Dominic Donner. “We ended up writing about a topic that many people, including myself, can relate to. The music business is full of people who’d do anything to get to the next level. I’ve met a handful of them and I made the mistake of trusting them, but I’ve learned my lesson. Let them talk shit about you if it gives them purpose, but don’t let them pull you under.”


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