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MiAnime Showcases Future Bass Sound In Release 'Act Your Age'

MiAnime is active, in motion, and has a creative direction he isn't shy to get out to the world.

"Where You Are," "Chaos," and "Your Drug," were his entry into the dance music space in 2022, a trio of works that help lay the groundwork for him.

Now he's taking things to the next level with "Act You Age" in 2023. This single expresses dynamism with it's seducingly melodic moments right alongside heavy bass implementation.

Now residing in the headquarters of bass music, Denver, the stars are aligning around this guy as both the network, his skill, and his drive to become the best version of himself all begins to align.

The current direction MiAnime is taking is one of euphonic experimental bass and the artists he both loves and were inspired by was AU5, COVEX, Illenium, Koan Sound.

Sam Vickrey, aka MiAnime, is on the right path all things considered, keep an eye on him to see what he does next.


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