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Michelle Ray gifts us a Summer Vibes Single Chasing Shadows

"I started singing before I could talk". Ray exclaims.

The Los Angeles based singer-songwriter began classical training at age 10 after begging for vocal lessons and growing up in an extremely musical home shaped her destined future.

With her diverse musical genre upbringing, Michelle naturally gravitated towards soul/ R&B pop music. The pop-star has spent the past year focusing on writing and recording but could often be found performing at Los Angeles venues like The Troubadour, Hotel Cafe, Peppermint Club, and more.

Michelle shines in new single 'Chasing Shadows' with soul-bearing vocals, glittery production and electrifying synths. The track is intended for late-night dance parties and summer day drives, features the energy of summer juxtaposed with the melancholy of longing for something that's no longer exists. 'Chasing Shadows' is a blast of feel-good energy and hard realisations.


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