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Minelli drops New Brain-washing Tune Rampampam

"I think it brings a dose of courage and strength, even if the main theme of this song is a relationship that has caused a lot of pain. Every time I work with Viky Red the result is one day makes me more than happy, as well as this time..." Minelli said.

The Romanian singer delivers a super infectious tune this time with her bright and sexy vocal. I cannot express how much I love the catchy-ness of this song as it does not always happen that after listening to a song once and it stays your head for some time (even when I go to bed), the most ear-catching part is the "Ram Pam Pam" part. The whole track is brought up to another level by a super sick Music-Video, where it transposes into images the feelings from a toxic relationship and presents, through dynamic frames, the film of revenge. Check out the MV here:


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