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Mokita Tackles Shades of Depression in "Colorblind"

If there’s been one positive thing to come out of 2019, it’s been the increased awareness of mental health issues. What was once considered a somewhat taboo subject is starting to be tackled by celebrities, influencers, and musicians. One excellent example of this is Mokita's latest single, "Colorblind," which tackles the idea of depression head-on.

Beginning with a chill, trance-like progression coloured with airy and sparse production that then moves into an energized Hip-Hop groove fuelled by impassioned lyrics, rich in meaning.

Mokita says, “I wrote ‘Colorblind’ as an attempt to try and describe depression to someone who has never experienced it." The metaphors used in his lyrics, likening depression to seeing in black and white while everyone else appears to see in colors, is truly impactful and frames it in a light that some people might not have thought about before. Beyond the lyrics, the somber yet hopeful instrumentals perfectly capture the tone of his ideas - coming together to create a track that could have a real impact on its listeners.

Overall, “Colorblind” is a unique track with an atmosphere that’s relaxed, yet somber, anchored by moody lyrics and purposeful meaning. Whether you're experiencing depression yourself or not, "Colorblind" will open your eyes to what many people are going through.

Stream 'colorblind' below:


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