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MUZANA and Teknicolor Create Speed House Power In 'Runnit'

MUZANA and Teknicolor's "Runnit," rips featuring racing speed and colossal power. The track is released on label Speed House Movement, an innovative imprint in a somewhat new arena of music. Blending in cinematic elements into the track that automatically triggers imagery in those who listen, "Runnit," is relentless, clocking in at around a 150BPM tempo. It shoots energy straight down the spine as each passing section of the song accelerates forward with burning passion.

Speed house as a genre has been around for several months, perhaps 2 years at the most. The movement has taken off, multiple labels and hundreds of artists jumping in to put forth a fresh sound and build uniqueness off of something crisp and exciting.

MUZANA and Teknicolor are motivated, enthusiastic DJ/producers having a vision they want the world to experience. Both bass artists, they put out various heavy genres that they see fit, MUZANA going for more mid-tempo and house sounds, while Teknicolor shares a wider spectrum of influence that helps define his sonic character.

Both artists have been killing it when it comes to recognition behind what they are doing. MUZANA has seen support from Tiesto, Hardwell, and Don Diablo, while charting in several different ways, including "Low HP" reaching #22 via Beatport's Electro House charts and his debut single going up to #41 on iTunes's house charts in Germany.

Teknicolor has been around the block, from collaborations with Aero Chord to names like Diplo, Dillon Francis, Major Lazer, Borgore, Henry Fong and many others all sharing his music. His discography is deep, going back to 2013 at it's earliest point.

Adrenaline fueled and full of power, "Runnit," fuses the envelop pushing styles of two strong DJ/producers.


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