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Naeleck Releases 10 Brand New Remixes of “Virtual Gaming” feat. Hige Driver

Arguably one of the most innovative producers within the current dance music spectrum, Naeleck is consistently blending the border between music, fiction and gaming in exciting ways. With a track record of exciting shows all around the world, and 2 million monthly listeners currently on Spotify, Naeleck is keeping up the momentum by sharing a massive remix project for his collaboration with Hige Driver, “Virtual Gaming.”

Released last year, “Virtual Gaming” has seen massive success, boosted by high-profile remixes from the likes of Tokyo Machine and Gammer. Naeleck is aiming to keep the single in the spotlight with this brand new remix album; earlier this year, Naeleck teamed up with Native Instruments’ music platform, Metapop, for an official remix competition. Out of an impressive 300 entries, he decided to release the 10 best via Dancing Dead, giving a platform to some of the most talented producers currently coming up within the world of bass music.


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