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Naeleck Taps Kan Takahiko For Hardstyle Anthem “Neo Tokyo”

Coming to Dancing Dead for his first release this year, Naeleck has teamed up with Kan Takahiko to unleash the explosive single “Neo Tokyo.” A mysterious French DJ and producer, Naeleck is no stranger to tapping into a new genre with every release, and “Neo Tokyo” undoubtedly showcases his production skills once again. An anthemic hardstyle gem, the single starts off with a cinematic atmosphere before massive synths and buildups take over, leading into a drop filled with distorted kicks and an intoxicating energy.

Naeleck burst into the scene with his viral remixes and originals throughout the past decade, and is steadily stepping up his game every year. Back in 2018 he reached the 125# spot in the DJ Mag Top 100, as well as the #53 spot on the Reddit Top 100, proving just how dedicated his fanbase is towards helping him reach the top. Expect a lot more from Naeleck in 2021!


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