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Nick Peters kicks off his 2020 with long-awaited single No Rush

Nick Peters is the artistic project of the young french music producer and writer Nicolas Petersmann who already scored more than 100M streams on Spotify.

Nick Peters let his fans exercise some patience throughout 2020, but that has came to an end! The young producer presents a 100% catchy melodic house tune on Dutch label Soave Records, full of punchy drums and led by a vocal that doesn't lose energy for a single second.

The young talent is looking to continue his hit streak after previous multi-million streams singles. Nick has a bunch more releases in store for us this year, for now though, "No Rush" is a quality dance song just in time for a hot summer!

Baby there's no rush

I don't wanna fu*k this up no

Cause I got the time for us, there's no no rush,

We got that slow love

I know we've been falling faster

But we got the time for us, there's no no rush...

Try listening to the song with the above lyrics, it might drive you into dancing a little bit more!


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