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Nickarth a.k.a Rialians On Earth Drops Fresh EP ACT I & II

After releasing a mesmerizing slow-motion live set, recorded at Lesnovo Monastery, N.Macedonia for Ibiza Global Radio and Cafe De Anatolia, Nickarth a.k.a Rialians On Earth is teaming up with Aodion Records for a short-yet-sweet double EP with ACT I & II. The Macedonian artist has been featured on BBC Introducing, BBC Radio Music, Radio Reverb, Athens Jockey Radio and many more, and is now showcasing his versatility once again, dropping two tracks that are as sexy as they are thoughtful. 

Opening track “ACT I - Do You Miss Me?” is more of an uplifting gem, dominated by booming 808s and trappy percussion while Nickarth’s voice is crooning front and center. “ACT II - Lie” on the other hand, is a much more introspective and slower record, driven by stunning vocal harmonies and gritty bass while perfectly progressing and changing throughout its 3 minutes. 

“ACT I & II E.P was fully written and produced by myself and is an important work of mine,” explained Nickarth. “Both tracks were written last October whilst I was taking some time off social media eventually to work on songwriting and audio production skills. While doing that I was also actively listening to music from Two Feet and Dennis Lloyd so it is important to mention that they both had major influence on this E.P and on the new music that is yet to come. The pre-release was already supported by many YouTube Channels and Spotify Playlists which gives me hope and green light to keep doing and create what I do love most.”


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