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Now O Later brings on Summer-Ready single "Roses in Rain"

Picture this: Quarantine is finally over, everyone is flocking to the island of Ibiza, and the sun is just about to set.

Yifei Lu, better known as his stage name "Now O Later", is a Chinese DJ and Producer. While focusing on his studies for school in Canada, he had released serveral tracks through different labels all around the world, such as releases on Sirup Music/Kontor Records, Breeze Records, Peak Hours etc. He has also gained support from superstar DJs such as Yves V, musicbyLUKAS and many more.

"Roses in Rain" is remindful of those old EDX Sunset remixes, with a new modern twist that takes over the dancefloor telling everyone "let's take this party to the next level". The track starts with those super infectious pads that draw you in instantly and is quickly followed with a combination of two things: that classic deep house vocal and an offbeat guitar that creates this incredibly euphoric feeling. And then the drop comes... your body will take over from here. You can expect lots of head bobbing and body swaying to this one, preferably while holding a nice cold beer in your hand as well.

Listen to "Roses in Rain" below:

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