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Canada Based O Cinnedi Brings A Different Vision With Seven Deadly Sins In 'Pride'

We've all heard the parable of Seven Deadly Sins, yet it's Canadian artist O Cinnedi who has her own ideas of how to bring more life to the project. She's dropped a video for her single "Pride," which goes beyond the regularity of a lyric video or visualizer, but connect parallels of what we know from the story with symbolic elements put in place through the video. Another refreshing factor is the aspect that she puts herself front and center in the video itself, bringing a level of personalization to the experience that never hurts when it comes to the fan-to-artist experience.

On the sonic side, the tune shreds out an epic bass vibe, the sound design being something one may find in the experimental bass scene, but clearly articulates an experience that grips you with plenty of stand-out qualities that is unlike much else out there.

From the sound, to the video, to the story intertwined, O Cinnedi's "Pride," is clearly the start of something that's not to be missed.


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