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OBLVYN Shows Off Inspiring, Spiritual Bass Sound In NCS Single 'With You'

OBLVYN is back at it once again, this time with an NCS signed track called "With You." The release is the first of 2022 and follows up here debut EP which released on Monstercat in 2021. The EP is titled Dream Theory and was, hands down, well-received. Totaling 8-tracks, the EP gives great definition as to what the OBLVYN project is all about - easy to enjoy again and again.

Shifting back to "With You," the track showcases a more developed sound, bridging off the energy that the previously mentioned EP put out there. Still focusing on the galactic, space-meets-spiritual atmosphere, the track keeps a fun-loving and colorful aspect ingrained within it as well. The entire mood fits within what you'd expect OBLVYN to put out, with a bit of extra juice and intricacy put in there that fits her nicely.

OBLVYN has had a relationship with music basically all of here life. From 5 years old the focus was classical piano, later it was guitar in the pop-punk landscape. In college it was jazz and pop, which she ended up getting a degree in. Now it's electronic music. The musical talent has plenty of ideas to share, which only get better over time. "With You," is easy to return to and is a great follow up to the many winners shared by OBLVYN.


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