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OHMYGI Drops The Fire With Bass-Centric Video For 'New Danger'

This Chilean-raised artist is clearly capable of injecting serious power into the content that she produces. "I'm Danger," is the latest example of just this, colliding together everything from quality costume design, multiple sets, large crowds, strong themes, and of course well-planned music to make her vision come true in a way that fits her.

'I'm Danger,' isn't just a stand-alone music video that speaks volumes about the type of well-experienced talent that OHMYGI is, it is representative of a new album, Danger In Pink, expected to release this year. The label dropping this single and forthcoming album is Matter Of Taste.

OHMYGI has had her fair share of experiences when it comes to the music business. She speaks volumes as a powerful female role model and the impact women can, and do, have in the industry - on top of this she has been recognized for it. She's been awarded the Icon Collective Women’s Scholarship and Icon Ambassador Award, both notable achievements that many strive for and few receive.

When it comes to the lexicon of important growth components to be creating success within, OHMYGi is hitting the mark. "I'm Danger," can be viewed below and catch her full-length signed album coming out soon.


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