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Orbital Reveals Their Highly Anticipated 10th Album, 'Optical Delusion'

The electronic music world is somewhat similar to professional sports. It is insanely difficult for athletes to play their sport at a high level as they get rather into the second half of their careers. Likewise, It is extremely rare to see an artist adapt and improve their sound with the constantly changing trends and music technology. However, once in a while, a Tom Brady or LeBron James comes around. This is what the renowned duo Orbital has proved to be in the acid house scene.

With more than 30 years of experience, English brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll have become a staple in electronic music as they open new doors through Orbital. During their lengthy artistic journey, the pair has released timeless hits, such as "Belfast" and "Chime". Now they are coming out the gate strong in 2023 by putting out their tenth studio album, Optical Delusion.

Packed with interstellar soundscapes and basslines capable of putting listeners in a trance, Optical Delusion vividly shows that Orbital hasn't lost their touch. In fact, these producers continue to innovate new sounds and styles, while fusing house and techno together. In "You Are The Frequency", Orbital teams up with The Little Pest to take their audience on a reality-distorting adventure. The track includes a futuristic vocal that changes in pitch throughout. Another infectious song from Optical Delusion is "Requiem for the Pre-Apocalypse". It encompasses a DnB-centric bassline and celestial effects that flawlessly echo out over the instrumental.

One of the most intriguing collabs in the compilation has to be "Moon Princess" with Coppe. This entire track feels like you've been tractor-beamed to an alternate dimension. The project also sees collaborations with a selection of other talented artists, like Dina Ipavic, Penelope Isles, Sleaford Mods, and more. Driving introspection and deep thinking in each song, Optical Delusion tells us that Orbital's reign is far from over.


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