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Over Easy Outdo Themselves With Progressive Release Titled 'CEO'

If you haven't heard of them before, it's time you've familiarized yourself with the two-man group known as Over Easy. They've release a single in July of 2022 called "CEO," which will shift your expectations in terms of what you think great progressive house should be. These guys have hit all the pleasure points in one go. Super strong story telling, wonderful mixing and master, and purposeful songwriting begins to describe the vibes that "CEO," dips into.

Over Easy had this to share in relation to the track.

“This track actually began over a year ago in spring of 2021, at least the first demo of it. We ended up sending it to singer/songwriter Jaimes and he really liked what we sent. He ended up sending back the vocals you hear now that are insane. Eventually, we felt our production was a bit dated so we did a few different re-works, a ton of tweaks to the mix and master, and finally we presented everyone a track we are extremely happy with. We've been playing it live and the energy is crazy! This track is really special to us, some of our favorite show memories are playing this track. We first played it live at our first headline show in Chicago in 2021, and that was the moment I knew it was special. The crowd jumping and going crazy was special.” - Over Easy

Over Easy have quite the discography under their belt. Singles like "Don't You Know" and "Rosé," helping them get a solid start in the industry. It was their remix of "Back to You," by Ekali and Kiiara that really took things to the next level. It was during the time that they charted in over 80 countries on Apple Music's charts, with the single being an official release via Atlantic/Big Beat. On that note, Over Easy have actually charted in 93 countries since the start of their alias.

Obviously these two know what they're doing and where they best fit in within the global music community, stay following them if you're into their vibe and look out for more goodies coming from them in due time.


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